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Whitetail Hunting Weekend

With "The Deer Tracker".

May 22-24, 2009

Wilderness Escape Outfitters

Danforth, ME

  • Come spend a weekend together preparing for your next trophy hunt.

  • Limited to the first 15 participants.

  • One on one instruction.

  • Participants arrive on Friday afternoon, depart Sunday afternoon.

  • Package includes all meals and lodging.

  • Topics covered to include:

    • assessing deer tracks,

    • tracking and still hunting strategies,

    • wounded game,

    • locating your trophy buck,

    • and much more.

  • Being offered to the huntsman an opportunity to learn from Maine's most renown deer hunting family.

"R.G. Bernier has perfected the craft of outsmarting wilderness bucks, having tracked down and killed dozens of hog bodied whitetails. He knows more about deer behavior than many professional biologists." Dan Schmidt, Editor - Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine

Price: $700 per participant.

Call 207-892-3682 or 207-448-3238 to reserve your spot.


Last Updated: 05/22/2011