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When The Deer Trackers head to the woods each fall in search of trophy bucks it is done so with the utmost confidence in our equipment and clothing. In order for us to add or replace any of our time tested gear would mean that product has to meet or exceed the Bernier's rigid demands. Well, we've found just such a product - Beagle Outdoor Wear. In our opinion, after extensive testing under a variety of conditions, this is the finest hunting garment ever engineered to temper even the cruelest conditions New England weather can dish out. It's comfort; warmth, durability, and essentially weatherproof construction make it a must choice for all of our hunting adventures.

If Beagle Outdoor Wear seems too good to be true, check it out for yourself. We're confident that once you do, you will quickly become a believer, as were we.

To obtain a catalog, more information, or to order Beagle Outdoor Wear, they can be reach at:

Beagle Outdoor Wear
162 Vermont Route 15 East
Johnson, VT 05656
Tel: 802-635-9200
Fax: 888-838-0855

The Deer Tracker's Jacket - Available Online.
This hunting coat is in the Bernier's traditional green and black checked design with special features built into the garment such as several strategically placed interior pockets to compliment those on the exterior. We are proud to have had a hand in the design of The Deer Tracker's Jacket and look forward to seeing it on many of today's huntsmen and women.