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Big Whitetail Consultants

An Overview

Photo - Jay Kennedy
Catamount Studios
In the five short years that this company has been established it has risen from a one-on-one based consultation firm to a much larger scaled operation. BWC has published two books, The Deer Trackers & On The Track, started and successfully run a whitetail deer school, lectured throughout the Northeast to thousands of sportsmen and women, endorsed a few innovative products, all accomplished without compromising the intent of why this business began; to help deer hunters become better at what they enjoy doing - hunting deer.

Although we still offer the one-on-one approach in the comfort of our "hard work" room, that aspect has become limited due to our extensive travel and speaking schedule.

We felt that by creating the deer school it would offer the individual "the most bang for his or her buck". Our whitetail weekend deer schools incorporate the best value yet, still retain the intimate one-on-one approach. That is why we have limited the enrollment to 15 participants per weekend.

With 84 years of combined hunting experience between Pop & R.G. Bernier utilizing bows, rifles, muzzleloaders, and cameras, their expertise is well rounded when it comes to white-tailed deer and the animal's behavior. The consistent success that has fallen to this family of deer hunters has become the credibility which draws hunters to their classrooms, seminars, and books each year.

Photo - Jay Kennedy
Catamount Studios

Whitetail Weekend Deer School

"Dick Bernier has conceived and put into action a deer hunter's clinic that has no rival in Maine. They cover it all, from aging and assessing deer tracks, tracking and still hunting techniques, strategies to reading scrapes and rubs, and trailing wounded game. Dick is a natural born teacher who carries the ball, while "Pop" provides running commentary from the sidelines. In hunting, as in most human endeavors, you can't argue with success. So serious deer hunters tend to cock an ear when the Berniers talk hunting strategy for trophy whitetails."

V. Paul Reynolds, editor Northwood's Sporting Journal


"After forty years in the deer woods I've finally got my hands on the "bible of deer tracking." Dick Bernier's two books, The Deer Trackers and On The Track are the best books on big woods deer hunting I've seen. Bernier not only knows whitetails but also has the unique ability to clearly convey how he hunts to his readers. He's an expert hunter and wordsmith. His books are destined to become classics and a must for any deer hunter's library!"

Charles J. Alsheimer, Northern Field Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine


"Gentlemen, I recently attended a seminar where you spoke. I enjoyed hearing you both speak immensely. The best part was realizing you're human and down-to-earth folks. Your passion for hunting big bucks is inspiring and a credit to the tradition. The one thing that I learned is that it takes more than just hard work and determination, but a down-right will to win at all cost. You boys do it right, the way it is supposed to be and the way we all wish we could do it."

Seminar attendee


If becoming a better deer hunter is one of your goals, why not let us help you put the pieces of the whitetail puzzle together which will only enhance your future hunts. Our philosophy steadfastly remains, "Its not what you get in life, its what you give that brings fulfillment."