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R.G. Bernier is offering for the first time five of his selected whitetail deer prints. These are high quality photo gloss images suitable for framing.

Fighting Bucks 

© 2002 R.G. Bernier

Nursing Mother 

 © 2002 R.G. Bernier

 Relaxed Fawn

© 2002 R.G. Bernier


Over The Shoulder Fawn

© 2002 R.G. Bernier

Summer Velvet

© 2002 R.G. Bernier


Print costs:

1 print                         $15.00

2 prints                        $25.00

3 prints                        $35.00

4 prints                        $45.00

5 prints                        $50.00

Please add $6.00 S&H per print(s) order

Also available, these same prints in 3x5 postcards for $1.00 each

Please add $1.00 S&H per postcard(s) order


Send check or money order to:

Big Whitetail Consultants
77 Whites Bridge Road
Standish, ME 04084

All photographs contained are the exclusive property of R.G. Bernier and are protected under United States and International copyright laws, treaties, and conventions. All photographs are copyright ©R.G. Bernier, 2002, with All Rights Reserved. No image can be downloaded (except by normal viewing process of the web browser) copied, duplicated, transmitted, stored, digitized, modified or redistributed, in any way or by any means now or hereafter known, in whole or in part, without the written permission of R.G. Bernier, Big Whitetail Consultants.