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BIG Whitetail Consultants

Welcome to,

home of outdoor writer, speaker and nature photographer, R.G. Bernier. This legendary deer tracker has devoted much of his life to studying, writing, photographing, lecturing and hunting the greatest animal God ever created, the white-tailed deer.

He is the Northeastern field editor for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, and hunting editor for The Outdoors Magazine. His articles and photographs have appeared in nearly every major outdoors publication in America.


“R.G. Bernier is really a living legend”, wrote Dan Schmidt, editor of Deer & Deer Hunting. “He has perfected the craft of outsmarting wilderness bucks, having tracked down and killed dozens of hog-bodied whitetails and knows more about deer behavior than many professional biologists.”

And according to Charles J. Alsheimer, “For over three decades Bernier has fine-tuned his tracking skills like none other. The hunting resume he’s assembled puts him on a plane few have experienced. He truly is a master tracker.”

Enjoy your visit and come back often.



Welcome to the pristine wilderness of Northern Maine where nature abounds. It is here, in this tranquil setting that photographs are made, not taken. The cry of the loon echoes on the pond, the slap of the beavers tail ripples the water, and the footfall of the mighty moose heralds his approach. Sound inviting?

Get up close and personal with the woodland inhabitants and learn the art of nature photography beside renowned photographer R.G. Bernier in one of his workshops. The workshops are not just photography tours, they are hands – on instruction in the field, demonstrations, question-and-answer session, critiquing and one-on-one assistance all to help make you a more accomplished nature photographer.


Bernier Wins Big

Outdoors Magazine is proud to congratulate R.G. Bernier for winning this year's 2009 Pinnacle Award in the magazine category for his article, "Do I Have What It Takes? - A Boy, A Buck and A Step Toward Manhood."
The POMA (Professional Outdoor Media Association) Pinnacle Awards honor journalists annually for exceptional journalistic achievement in traditional outdoor sports-focused writing, photography/illustration and broadcasting. The award carries the reputation of being the most prestigious honor an outdoor industry journalist can receive.

"We are extremely excited for R.G.," said James Austin, publisher of Outdoors Magazine where Bernier also serves as the hunting editor. "He is an incredibly talented writer, photographer and hunter. His work is always top notch. What is even more exciting is that he is not one to rest on his laurels and we expect to continue to see him produce more exceptional pieces in the years to come."

The Deer Trackers Audio Book

Due to overwhelming requests to obtain a copy of what has now become a classic, The Deer Trackers, on September 1, 2009 the title is being released as an audio book which includes a PDF of the book text and all the original photos.  As a Special Added Bonus, the legendary deer tracker has included an intimate in-depth interview only available through the purchase of The Deer Trackers audio book.  This complete CD/DVD set will make a great companion to the original book.

Because of high demand, we expect The Deer Trackers Audio book to sell out very quickly, much like the original book itself.

Limited time special offer.




Follow the life of a very special fawn named Dickie. This is an enchanting true story of a fawn that was orphaned, rescued and survived.

Travel along with Dickie as he takes his first steps. Watch him as he meets a variety of other wildlife including, moose, turkeys, bunnies and more.

This is a heart-warming story that is sure to stir your emotions.


The Deer Tracker’s Journey

An invigorating and inspiring trek seen through the eye’s of one of North America’s few remaining deer tracking specialists – The Deer Tracker’s Journey is technique and whitetail behavior masterfully blended into a stunning portrait of grace and beauty. This coffee table size book - 8 ½ x 11 is articulately designed, beautifully illustrated and filled with invaluable whitetail insight. more>>


R.G. Bernier, legendary buck hunter from the Northeast, tells of his greatest pursuit.

In his own words, here is where R.G. Bernier's track has led him. 

It's difficult to believe I've reached the point in life where I now find myself. It's even harder for me to imagine the fortuitous opportunities that I have been granted.

Growing up my aspirations were to play major league baseball and hunt whitetails. Both endeavors consumed all of my thoughts and energies. Early on I was diagnosed with a birth defect, a hole in my lower mitral valve within the heart.

As a nine-year old lad, little did I realize the magnitude or seriousness of the situation. Back in 1968, open-heart surgery was certainly not a common operation, and great risk was undertaken to repair the hole.

Lots of thoughts ran through my young mind as I lay immobile for long durations following the operation. What happens if I die? Where will I go? What if I eventually live to be 100. Then what? I rationalized that there had to be something more after death than lying in a box buried beneath the earth.
more >>

The Deer Trackers

Written by Big Whitetail Consultants

R.G. Bernier

Filled with Whitetail adventure, proven methods and techniques, and a journey of excitement. Discover for yourself how to gain big results saving time and money.  A must read for every deer hunter!  more>>

On The Track

Written by Big Whitetail Consultants

R.G. Bernier

Not in a good long while has there been assembled between the covers of a book such a wealth of practical, down-to-earth information presented in a very provocative, entertaining format.  more>>

Whitetail Deer Prints

R.G. Bernier is offering for the first time five of his selected whitetail deer prints. These are high quality photo gloss images suitable for framing. more>>

Seminars & Appearances

R.G. Bernier conducts dozens of speaking engagements throughout America each year. The white-tailed deer is the central thread woven through the fabric of his presentations. more>>

Wildlife & Potrait Pencial Art

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